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Rugged as fuck is a way of life

Awaken with tension that’s deep in my chest,
Crack a beer and try to get a little rest.

Why do I need to be harder than you?
Is it all the shit that i’ve been through?

I size up every motherfucker I meet,
Check my knife when I’m walking down the street.

I won’t be jumped and I won’t be beat,
Kill your fucking ass right here in the street.

I wear rings on my fingers cause I know it’ll hurt,
Bust your face wide open blood’s gonna spurt.

I’m 5’8 and 196 and that’s not tall,
Solid as fuck take a hit and grin at y’all

Why is there this unborn hate?
With no enemy, an awful state.

I grind my teeth and stare at ya’ll,
I pick a fight I wanna brawl.

I put cigarettes out with my bare feet,
I can take a lash, you wanna meet?

I puke up blood and shit it too,
Fuck with me, i’m not quite thru.

What am I to supposed to do,
I think that I hate me too.

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