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The Hellbilly Madman

The Hellbilly Madman

Showin up to school at noon, with beer on my breath, Just smoked too much weed and there’s a stupid test.

Skipping Class and Smoking grass rolling around in a beater,
It gets me places but its got a goddamn broken heater!

I’ve seen and heard shit that doesn’t exist,
Tried to escape with a blade and bloody wrist.

Been slammed to the floor in an ER a ton of times, Needles in the ass its almost sleeping time.

More psych ward visits than I can count on both hands,
And I got all ten fingers, it sucks I tell you man.

Getting pills in a cup and doing shit on purpose,
Having a flashback, tripping here is a circus.

I’ve tried Heroin, smoked Crack and hung out in a Meth lab.
Tripping on Acid, not habitual, won’t end up in a rehab..

I’ve hung with murderers, killed 2 hogs and broke bread with them,

Eating fried up pork, glad that I’m a friend.

Glass that doesn’t break will only break your hand,
Not as bad the second time looks like I’m a fan.

No surgery for the first break, so here comes the second, Only a little less fucked up, no it isn’t pleasant.

Getting fuckin desperate, huffing gas from a can.
How am I alive, I do not understand.

I’ve been shocked by 110 as well as 220,
I guess the reaper isn’t in a hurry.

Been strapped to a board, freed my hand and crushed my throat,
Stole a thumbtack, washed it down, immortal can I gloat?

Broke up a dozen fights of mostly pits and others too,
Thumb tore up and meat exposed crunched thru and thru.

Desperate for a drink and knockin back mouthwash,
Puking blood and coffee grounds this shits bad sauce.

Me, Ian Shirm you dipshit.

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