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Blood recycling life saving Dialysis Machine

Blood recycling life saving Dialysis Machine

1) A Patient that is bleeding out has their blood saved..

2) The Blood is fed into a specialized Dialysis Machine. Then cleaned of any toxins, and removed of bubbles.

3) The Patients own clean blood is fed back into them via Intravenous tube.

-Id think someone drunk as hell or real high would snap straight to sober, after about 1-3 cycles of the machine cleaning blood supply.. Also if meds were administered.. That might be affected..

Ed. Note: If the blood could be filtered quickly…  But at least 15 percent or so. It would keep medicine in the patient, for the most part and as it filters slowly and get toxins out. At the same time keep them from bleeding out and buy them time for surgery. Get rid of air bubbles and reintroduce. 4/9/2018

-Ian Shirm

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