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Small Clean Coal Steam engine

Small Clean-Coal engine for automobile. by Ian R. G. Shirm

  • Fourth Rewrite…

A furnace, where the vehicles engine and other (now rendered) obsolete, parts are.

Above the furnace a metal tank with water in it.

Between the furnace and the dashboard a firewall/heat shield. Built in blowers to push hot air away from the furnace.

Coal loaded into the furnace by a coal-feeding mechanism. (heat-resistant conveyor belt?)

Water drawn from a tank to refill the metal tank above the furnace.

Coal in furnace heats the water in the tank to a boil.

Pressurized steam powers ? cylinders for power.

Coal smoke goes up a tube and exhaust steam goes up another rube.

The smoke and steam both enter a tank, and mix.

The gasses in the tank are forced up/out a tube then down to a lower tank of *waste water. The *water level of the *waste water tank needs to be lower than the gasses tank, to pull the gas down and through the *waste water. (An example of this would be a bong).

The Steam and Smoke are combined with the waste water. That tank, which should be close to the furnace, will be heated by it and the steam will rise while the coal left overs remain.

The steam exits through an exhaust while the coal particles are fed along a pipe (steam powered track) close to either the furnace or exhaust.

The heat should dry the coal particles along the conveyor belt.

Dry, Coal particles put back into rotation on the coal-feeding-mechanism and reintroduced to the furnace. * Pieces too small (dust) exit with last stage steam exhaust.

NOTE: Maybie before water is reintroduced an Oil filter to suck any particles out and allow water to pass thru clean.


Fill up your tank from the hose and grab a bag of coal and down the road ya go.


Feedback would be appreciated.. I’d like to know if anyone thinks this would work.

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