In a Post-Apocalyptic world, with lawless Anarchy, I would choose 4 firearms: A Semi-Auto .22 LR with scope, bi-pod, long barrel, suppressor, high capacity magazines. Also a 12 Gauge Shotgun with a medium length rifled barrel, scope, high capacity magazine tube, ability to take long shot shells, heat shield, stock-mounted shot shell sleeve and high capacity shot shell sling. As well as a .308 bolt action and a 1911 pistol.

This short video of how far a .22 LR can potentially kill or take someone out of the fight redefined how i feel about the caliber.

How far will a .22 LR Kill? :

I’ve always liked .22LR and its one of my favorite calibers. In this Video it demonstrates that the .22LR is potentially fatal at ranges farther than most people can shoot. I’ve heard .22LR can penetrate a Kevlar-vest because of its small size and high velocity.

Not sure if this is true or not.

Ed. Note: A bullet is slightly larger than the rifled barrel its fired from, You cant fire a steel .22 LR round, because it wont mold to the bore. I think it would probably get stuck. I think since you need a softish bullet to fire from a rifle barrel that it would NOT have any affect on a Kevlar vest. The soft bullet,, I doubt would have the strength to stay intact much less have much affect on the vest.

I wanted to get a .22 Mag, (which i haven’t been able to find in semi-auto) but after watching this video, I want another .22 LR rifle.

Ed. Note I found out that some Semi-Auto Ruger 10/22s are chambered for .22 Mag. I was told they don’t make them anymore, but would kick ass to find a nice used one.

(bellow) Ruger 10-22 BX25-2 50 Round Magazine

Ruger 10/22 (USA) [Internal Link]

Between the much cheaper .22LR ammo and its lethality, i like another of its qualities.

Almost no Recoil. I can aim, shoot and repeat (semi-auto) faster since the rifle stays on target or close to it after each shot.

So For a Post-Apocalyptic Scenario I would choose .22LR and a 12 guage, with a gym bag of high capacity magazines and a few high capacity shot shell bandoleers (50-55+ rounds).

1) Its easy to stock up on .22LR ammo because of the price, so long as its not too far along into Doomsday that ammo is unavailable.

Ed. Note: I wrote this when a box of 550 .22 LR rounds was around 15 bucks or less…

2) Can still potentially kill at farther ranges then I can accurately fire it.

3) Low recoil, so faster target acquisition and firing. (this might only make a difference with the semi-auto versions of .22LR firing rifles)