Yankee here don’t mean liberal,
Were sitting around with ice beer and a bong in the middle.

We got motors hanging from trees, and woods with deer stands,
Jacked up trucks and listen to southern bands.

Theres a blizzard in march and schools still open,
Catchin catfish all summer when we’re out boatin.

Still smokin in some bars even though they says its illegal,
All the cars stop and pullover when we see a bald eagle.

We swim in muddy rivers full of huge snapping turtles,
Rescue em from the sides of roads, give em less hurtles.

Highschool smells like cow shit, cause their just down the road,
I’m still hoping the 100 acres I want hasn’t sold.

Woods all around with little towns here and there,
Might walk out in the morning and see a Black Bear.

Trespassing here will get you tracked down
Faced with a drunk hillbilly and shot to the ground.

We got seasonal highways you cant drive half the year,
Got my car stuck, fridge full of beer, I had to walk here.

Hit a deer with your truck, take it home and bag it up,
Didn’t even leave a dent In the bumper of that pickup truck.

Cause Upstate here sure aint the city.