Upstate New York born and raised,
Smoked 2 decades away in a haze.

The crackers around here are hard as fuck,
Driving around drunk in their pick up trucks.

We all got a knife in our pocket, wanna throw down?
Cause we’lll spill your guts on the fucking ground.

We smoke pot and drink beer and hang out with kin,
Half a litter of whisky down, ready to begin?

We fish in the river and swim in it too,
Big ass snappers, waters cold, toes are blue.

These hillbillies here are poor as fuck,
But don’t need luck to fix your truck.

My city is 98 percent white,
Blacks around here don’t wanna fight.

But hey, get drunk and call em out,
They’ll still knock you out.

Face black and blue, drunk at the station,
Cops said he was twice my size, imagine?

All these peckerwoods have their chin held high,
Gun behind the seat, fuck with us, wanna die?

A car hits you at the liquor store, not a big deal,
Were both drunk we don’t need cops around here.

Upstate here is just as red as the south,
Without NYC nothing but conservatives about..