[Knife Sheath with built in Knife Sharpener]

Seriously, how has this not been invented/patented/trademarked/put into production/advertised yet?

The title of this article pretty much says it all.. I got a machete from India, or at least a knock off.. Anyhow, It got me thinking as i was taping hinges on the side, to turn it into a side-to-side, back, belt-mounted sheath.. The blade bites into the sheath a bit if you don’t draw it the right way.. So it will naturally dull the blade over time.. So, what I’m gonna do is buy one of the V shape knife sharpeners, break it down to just that part, and replace the top of my sheath with it.. By now I’m sure you’ve figured the point of it.. Instead of the blade edge bitting into the metalish part of the top of the sheath, it will be sliding through the sharpener every time drawn, or sheathed.. Hence, Self-sharpening-Knife-Sheath..


If i wasn’t poor and unable to have this be my product for sale, i wouldn’t post this.. but poor and not gonna change, so here ya go..