Two sides of a debate doesn’t mean there are two realities. For only one can be truth.

Too many of you subscribe to relativism. You seem to think that the left is one side and that we are simply the other side representing a different point of view but in the end we are both on the same coin. But what you need to realize is that this is not the case at all. There is only one truth, one reality, one set of beliefs about history and humanity that is correct. And we uniquely possess that view. It is not that there is one side, for example, that believes six million Jews were killed in gas chambers and there is another side that does not believe that. Rather, six million Jews were not killed in gas chambers and that is reality, that is what is correct. This is not a side, this is the truth. Those who do not accept this are not simply a side in a debate, but they are fools living in fantasy land. There is no comparison with them and do not let yourself believe there is such an equivalence. Never apologize to them or give them any quarter, for they seek to control a narrative, whereas we have a monopoly on facts.

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