The Shirm Doctrine

The Ian Shirm Doctrine

The Following Tenets are what I believe would lay the foundation for a Great Nation.

1) There shall be no infringement of the Second Amendment. Any law prohibiting, restricting, requiring the licensing or registering of a Firearm or any Melee Weapon, be it brass knuckles, a double bladed knife, boot knife, bayonets, etc. is Void and hereby repealed. There shall be no Government Interference with the Sale, Purchase, Possession, or use of ‘Small Arms’ If done in a Safe manner. Be it High capacity magazines, Body Armor, Firearm modifications, et al. Any convicted individual of a victimless, non-violent crime, where no one was injured, threatened, and no other felonies were committed, shall be released from confinement forthwith and/or removed from any penalty, be it a fine, parole or probation.

2) Any person with a life sentence, or found guilty of a crime which would warrant such punishment will be put before firing squad or hung until dead. Those who are deemed by the Judicial system, to be a danger to the public, and found guilty of crimes which would prevent them from ever being released would be put before a ten man firing squad, or lynched. The guilty party would have their choice between the two.

3) Abolition of Mandatory Minimum Jail/Prison Sentencing, that doesn’t take into consideration extenuating circumstances. Sentencing would be left for a jury to Impose. Depending on the nature of the crime, the motive, the damage that resulted from the crime ‘Minimum Sentencing based upon convictions’ would be replaced with ‘Common Sense Penalization’

3a) Abolition of the current ‘For-Profit Prison System’ which benefits from a high incarceration rate.

4) Abolition of ‘The Right to Choose’. Abortion is to be outlawed. The Exception is if the offspring is the product of Rape, Race-Mixing or Incest, suffers from Birth defects or serious ailments that would cause lifelong suffering. Creation of ‘The Gift of Life Corps’. A Government agency for orphans and persons who would have otherwise been aborted. Ages 5-16 public school, after which enrollment in the Military, Civil Service, University, or a trade school. The Gift of Life Corps would also replace the systems of orphanages and foster homes and Absorb the youths from those systems.

5) Education. Ages 5-16 Public School, with courses focusing on Ethics, History, Greco-Roman History, Mythology, English, Math, The Sciences, Theology, Philosophy, et al. Upon entering High School the pupil would have the option of choosing a more History/English or Math/Science focused curriculum. Upon Graduation a person would join either The Workforce, Military, Trade School, or University.

6) The current policy of no official religion or language would give way to an official Christian, English speaking State.

7) An Isolationist Policy would be implemented. In the Manufacturing sector, Imports would be imposed with a tariff high enough to allow for Local Business to be more profitable here at home, than companies from abroad. U.S. Companies with factories abroad would still be subject to the Import tariff, for any goods produced outside of the States. Exports would be tax free, with the goal of turning the U.S back into an economic superpower by shifting the ratio of Imports to Local goods and Exports, to the highest extent possible.

8) Full legalization of Marijuana, Cocaine, Mushrooms as well as Narcotic Painkillers being available over the counter. ‘High Centers’ Where those who desire other currently illicit drugs, such as Heroin, Ecstasy, LSD or the rest, would have a safe place to do their drug, under the purview of Medical personnel. As Well as the Release of persons currently incarcerated where their only conviction(s) were drug related. Those with multiple convictions would be pardoned of any drug charges they might have.

9) The Removal of Judiciary Precedent based Law, and Revocation of the Supreme Courts ability to make Law. We demand that Roman edict law, which serves a materialistic new world order, be replaced by Anglo-Saxon common law.

10) Abolition of the Dual-Citizen policy with Israel, that allows an Israeli to have citizenship there as well as the US. Furthermore no Jew will be allowed to be a citizen of the state.

11) Removal of the illegal terrorist state of Israel as an Ally. The Israeli Government brought before an International Tribunal for War Crimes and Crimes against the Palestinian People. Aid to Palestine to put them in power, over all of Israel. The Israeli Military fleeced of their nuclear weapons and advanced technologies given by the US and Their Military turned over to the control of Palestine. ‘War Crime Reparation’ Paid by Israel to the Palestinian People, in the way of Gold, and both new construction and re-construction. Withdrawal from Middle-Eastern non-allied States, including the closing of Military Bases in those lands and the Military assets in those regions deployed to Ally Middle-Eastern Nations, if they so desired, in a Protectorate capacity.

12) An End of Sanctions imposed on Iran and/or Russia And the offer of Alliance offered to both as well as proposing trade agreements.


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